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Welcome to Clive Lawrence Lending and thank you for visiting the site.

We go the extra mile to find the home loan that is right for you.

Our services for home loans are free of any charges to you and you are under no obligation.

We understand that not everyone is excited by home loans, what is exciting is what a home loan can do for you.

You may be considering:

  • Purchasing your First Home
  • Upgrading or downsizing to your next home
  • Buying an Investment Property
  • Obtaining additional funds for other purposes such as: investment, new car, renovations or holiday
  • Improving your interest rate tom save you money on a daily basis
  • Fixing your loan, protecting you against future interest rate rises
  • Consolidating debt such as car loans and credit cards to improve your monthly cash flow dramatically
  • Saving thousands of dollars in interest by paying your loan off sooner

Whatever your aims we will work for you to find the loan that allows you to fulfil your goals.

Our knowledge and expertise ensure you get the right home loan in the shortest time.

With sixteen years experience you can be sure we will be able to offer options for any lending situation. We have particular success in assisting self employed borrowers and people who have had difficulties obtaining a loan now or in the past.

We have the most advanced software and training to keep us constantly updated on all the latest loan offers and specials as they become available.

We can negotiate lower interest rates.

We make the process convenient and easy.

We can meet you wherever and whenever suits you best. You don’t have to come to us during office hours.

We do all the shopping around to find the lowest rate loan that suits your requirements.

We take care of all the paperwork involved with the loan application. You will know the exact requirements so no time is wasted.

We follow up with lenders and solicitors to make sure settlement takes place on time.

We have hundreds of loans available to cover any situation.

We have access to over 40 lenders with hundreds of loans including all the majors. We use our experience and expertise to select loans for you that exactly meet your needs.

No single bank can offer the wide choice of loans that we have available. This means there are many more loans to choose from and more opportunity to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Access to specialist lenders and private funds. These provide solutions if you have had difficulty borrowing from banks, have unusual circumstance or credit file problems.

Commercial, business and equipment lenders. All your borrowing needs covered in one place.